The Pope “Might” Bless Same-Sex Marriages on a Case-by-Case Basis

His resistance up to now was that he “couldn’t bless sin”.

Merre Larkin


The pope, view of his back
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My son is currently in a relationship with a very sweet and kind young man. I don’t know if this young man will be my son’s forever partner, but if they would decide to marry, I could hardly see it as sinful. How ridiculous.

My other son just got married this past spring. In a Catholic Church. He’s never been baptized. Anywhere.

I grew up in a Catholic household

I was raised Catholic. My father served as a Eucharistic minister in our parish, which meant he could dispense Communion. He also would do one or both of the readings at the same mass when he’d serve Communion.

My mother was a staple in the choir, which sang at 10:30 mass every week.

Rarely did my parents attend the same mass, so we kids had a choice. We did not have the choice not to go.

I didn’t mind mass. Sure, it was boring. But I was used to it. I didn’t question my required attendance.

I did resist my mother’s dress code. I would tell her that God didn’t care what we wore. She said she cared. End of conversation.

The one part of mass I liked best was right after Communion when we all sat and knelt after getting Communion, praying quietly to ourselves until the procession of parishioners ended. I found peace in that quietness.

My Irish Catholic ancestral background

My grandmother, my mother’s mom, was 100 percent Irish Catholic. After she retired as a secretary for a judge, she would climb the hill from her apartment to her church to go to mass daily. Every day!

After doing some research, I learned that being a Catholic in Ireland tends to distinguish one (starkly) from a Protestant in Ireland and means you not only subscribe to a different religion but it carries over into culture and politics, still to this day.

That has helped me understand my grandmother’s allegiance to her faith. I guess it was an Irish thing.



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